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ACCA Software

"The strong point about using Edificius BIM software is that the whole software is designed and developed with the user in mind"




Model in plan view or directly in 3D and experience the best 3D BIM software architecture.


Import models created with other 3D architecture software and modellers such as Revit®, Sketchup®, Blender® and Rhino/Grasshopper®

Produce highly impressive videos and presentations

Interior of Restaurant


You finally have an Interior 3D design and rendering software in a single solution.


With Edificius you can address your design needs starting from CAD drawings or BIM models.


Automatically generate working drawings with detailed 2D plans and 3D views

Produce photorealistic renderings in a fraction of the time necessary with other software

Take a virtual tour of the project

Publish your project online, share it via browser with customers, clients and collaborators

Designed Backyard


Produce professional garden and public spaces designs, public spaces, terraces, patios, courtyards, swimming pools in 2D and 3D, with the most powerful, easy to use modelling tools


Get detailed area plans automatically


Model your land profile by defining contour lines and contour plans starting from topographic land surveys in DXF/DWG formats or directly from Google Maps™


Automatically produce and update all project drawings (area plans, sections, axonometries, legends) and export them to DXF and DWG


Get a complete and detailed summary of cut & fill volumes dynamically updated with each change

Bill Of Quantities.jpg


Integrated estimating software directly connected to your BIM model

Dynamically keep track of your project costs even while the project is being updated

Link each project element to a price-book or price list item and to related work items

Dynamically generate the project BoQ/estimate



3D BIM Modeling of mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems as simple as CAD

Model in plan section and section view and also in 3D

Cost estimate, schedule of works dynamically integrated

Integrate your installation system with the architectural and structural layout and control incompatibility issues

Tour the BIM model in virtual reality to check every detail and see your system as if it were already built

Design electrical, plumbing, fire extinguishing, hydonic HVAC, Direct expansion HVAC, Aeraulic HVAC, drain, waste and vent, gas distribution systems

Project management .jpg


Simulate project evolution during the different phases of the project.

Break down the project into individual activtities by defining your Work Breakdown Structure

Associate BIM objects to different activities and build up the Gantt chart

Green Wall


Create photorealistic and professional images without having to wait for hours

Get physically accurate images for your architectural renedrings with Machine Learning denoising, and artificial Intelligence algorithm built into Edificius

insert and simulate your projects in its real context from a simple photo pf the site

Create 360 degreee pictures for use with VR display technologies like Google cardboard, gear VR, Oculus Rift, etc`

VR Goggles



The first immersive virtual reality technology to experience you BIM model in a virtual tour and modify it in real-time

Explore and modify your project live with VRiBIM. 

Use voice commands to explore and modify the BIM model

Check your lighting effects and settings