DT1311 - BIM Discovery Session

A technical roadmap building session for Architects and Engineers

  • 4 hours
  • 1,000 US dollars
  • Client's Office

Service Description

BIM Discovery session for Architects and Engineers. Imagine you could have a roadmap for transforming your technical team to better serve your business? Think of how much more clarity and confidence you'd have to embark on the process of gaining a business advantage! There's only one problem. How do you get the roadmap to guide your team? How do you get a picture of the entire process before you begin? With a Discovery Session Consultation, we will guide your team through the visions, obstacles, challenges and ideals discovery session, the outcome of which our experts then use to build a roadmap specific to your business. With our unique service, you get: - a team building session - insight into how well your business aligns with your business goals - a roadmap for transforming your technical team and processes - A long-term training implementation plan you will also: - Identify the key performance metrics required for your technical team to better support your business in achieving your vision - Uncover the hidden technical issues affecting performance It's like having cheatsheet. Minus the uncertainty. The alternative to not having a roadmap is to continue: - paying for ineffective software trainings that don't address deeper issues - Inefficient use of technology - experiencing productivity drops - having a Technical team divorced from the vision and goals of the business - having a lack of confidence in your team's technical capabilities or - having a failed change process. Or you could book a Discovery Session and... - Strengthen your team's understanding of your business vision - Uncover hidden technical issues - Acquire a custom technical transformation roadmap for your business.

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